The Lonesome Crowded West

Hey there, hows it going? Its been a while since we last spoke. So many things have happened that I once again do not even know where to start. Couple of unexpected twists and turns in the road but as much as things change, they stay the same you know? Anyway before I start talking philosophy I will leave you with a simple hello and a quick picture I took before I surfed this afternoon. What can I say, some things never change…

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Wardo with his 5`5 Lost Aviso in Barbados

You may have seen this already but I had to repost it, Wardo is just too classic. I have spent a lot of time around this guy and with Andy gone he is by far the Most Interesting Surfer in the world! Check him out getting a few waves at Soupbowls on his 5`5 RNF around the five minute mark of this video…


Summertime in California

Summer is in full swing here in California, and there is a reason that people flock here in the summer like the Swallows to Capistrano!  We have had some fun swells and fun times around town lately and its time to finally get some posts up again. Here is a little bit of whats been going on. Like usual I have tons of stuff I would like to get up here, hopefully be back with more soon. Check it out then get out there and enjoy your day!

Amazing artist/surfer Phil Goodrich displays his oil skills on his carbon fiber canvas. I have put this up before but just love it!

One of my favorite places to be, inside the barrel. A hipsta print of one of my photos.

Gyr with his 5`5 Aviso RNF by Mayhem at Park. Five years old and still looks like new!

Even the fishing has been getting good! Here is just a tiny perch I caught in the surf the other day.

Amazing sushi from Sumi-san. So stoked!

My friend Roger Fowler. Drummer extraordinare with his semi custom Harley.

Got to love the skate wheels under the seat! Nice move Roger.

The 10`0 Arrow Aviso even came out to play the other day down at San O.

My boy down at Cottons Point in front of the old Nixon Estate.

Have I mentioned how much I love my Janga Wetsuits? So stoked i could pull out my RVLT a few weeks back when it got cold for a bit.

The scene in black and white

The road less traveled and Hurrican Julio came together a few days back as well.

The road less traveled and Hurrican Julio came together a few days back as well.

The sun setting just off of Dana Point. Thats just one reason why California in the Summer is the place to be!


The summer of the Praying Mantis!

Summer is in the air here in San Clemente and I can not tell you how good it feels to have the water warming up and the days growing longer. Amazing things are happening and I am so proud to announce that Aviso will be releasing a new model for one of our top designers, Cole Simler. His new creation is called the Praying Mantis. It is the latest in the shorter/wider design evolution from the Firefly to the Grasshopper, and now the Mantis. I will be writing more about the board over the next few weeks and giving updates on its progress so please keep checking in. Thanks to all our loyal readers who keep checking in despite the lack of updates, we have big things on the horizon….


Be Inspired!

Wow, what an amazing winter we continue to have here in California. I am so stoked to have been able to get some waves the last few days with some good friends. Over the weekend I also attended the Inspiration show up at the Queen Mary in Long Beach. It was great to check out the eclectic mix of art, fashion and surf all bundled together. Its always good to be around that kind of energy to open you up to new inspiration. Find what inspires you and go after it with all of your heart…


California at its Finest

The waves and the weather really came together the last few days here in town and most places in California were at their finest. We sure have been blessed with swell this year. Here is a quick shot from this morning, and I will try and update with more tomorrow. Waves should be good and I am going to be up at the Inspiration show in Long Beach so please come by if you are in the area!



Aviso Gold Label in Production!

Our new Gold Label Aviso boards have been coming down from the factory over the last few weeks and I am so excited about what I am seeing. The quality of the boards that I have seen is nothing short of amazing. I will post some more studio shots of some of the different models tomorrow so please check back for more. For now here are a few shots from around town…


Good times in California

We continue to see swell here in California and the rain we had earlier this week gave way to amazing conditions the last few days. Two days ago was perhaps the most beautiful sunset we have witnessed in a long time. I am so excited as I type this because there is another swell filling in tonight and the future continues to look very promising! Here are some shots from the past week that I pulled off of Naki`s blog earlier of us getting a few waves around town. He has been killing it on the new Aviso Cole BD3 Gold Label…



The Captain and the Queen

So the past week has been pretty slow as far as swell goes but it has given us a chance to get caught up on some work. The Aviso factory delivered the first small batch of Gold Label boards a few days ago and they look absolutely amazing. They are going to be available direct from the factory here in the States starting next week. Right now Japanese customers can prebook through NakiSurf so please take advantage of this opportunity. Here are some more shots from last weeks mission to Rincon and El Cap, as well as a few randoms from around town. Please check back with us soon for more!


California Love

There is a reason why surfers love California in the winter. The crowds thin a little, the Aleutian Juice starts flowing and the Santa Ana winds often blow. The last few weeks have been a shining example of why we live here in Cali. The whole coast and down into Mexico was overflowing with swell and I just finally had a chance to wash the salt out of my hair, download all of my pictures, and get organized. Here are a couple random shots from the last week or so, with plenty more to come…